About JT

JT is a tier 1 telecom and IoT platform provider. We help companies connect their devices to accelerate time to market, monetise new services, and expand across borders.


Connect Your Business for Strategic Impact

IoT Solution Provider

Technology is about creating connections that empower businesses to increase reliability, secure data transfers, and achieve their goals. Our mission is to provide the best connectivity solutions — around the globe — so your business can reach its full potential.

How JT Started

JT, founded in 1888, is a global connectivity provider with over 500 roaming agreements. Since our founding, we have evolved to an award-winning 4G network and we have 100% full-fibre connections, being the first place in the world to have switched off the copper network. The network is 1Gb enabled with minimum guaranteed speeds of 250Mbps, moving to 500Mbps in 2020.

Our Services: Moving Businesses Into the Future

JT enables businesses — regardless of location — to attain similar levels of coverage through cellular networks by providing a wide range of services including IoT connectivity, open roaming, fraud protection, data hosting, and fully managed services. JT enables businesses— regardless of location — to attain global access through a full suite of IoT solutions. We offer access to over 210 countries and territories around the globe, in-house Connectivity Management Platform, full eSIM (digital SIM) lifecycle management, multi-IMSI, APN, VPN, multi-network solutions, and IoT deployment in fast-growing markets like Brazil.

IoT Global Connectivity JT

Take Your IoT Deployment to the Next Level with Our Partners

You’re not in this alone - and neither is JT. We partner with industry leaders in security, cloud software, and more to help you create the most successful IoT deployment possible.

Galaxkey offers an excellent encryption platform and is working with JT to jointly develop a security platform for IoT communications.

JT’s partnership with U-blox provides chips, modules, and software solutions with out-of-the-box connectivity to help develop subsystems and products for IoT solutions.

Connectivity Management Platform

Cellusys IoT helps protect IoT devices against all categories of SS7 and Diameter attacks specified by the GSMA. JT and Cellusys enable customers to manage IoT security from a single dashboard.

Connect Your Devices

JT has an active roadmap to develop its connectivity and platform solutions. We actively collaborate with our customers and partners to innovate and create the solutions businesses need. Get in touch with one of our IoT experts to explore how JT can help your company.