Managed IoT Connectivity - for Every Business, Wherever You Are in Your IoT Journey

JT IoT is a true partner delivering best-in-class managed IoT connectivity, whether you are a startup or an established service provider. We invest in your success, delivering business growth, cost efficiency and enhanced end user experience for your customers.



Why Businesses Choose JT IoT

We are unique - a worldwide connector that remains a small company dedicated to personalised service. Our team will partner with yours to provide connectivity solutions that meet your business goals, regardless of your own size or operating region.

Non-Steered Connectivity

There’s no built-in network preference, so you can automatically connect to one of our available networks.

Orchestrate Your Connectivity

JT IoT simplifies IoT connectivity management by providing one contract, one platform, and one invoice with access to multi-network, global roaming agreements.

In-Country and Cross-Border Connectivity

Our global roaming extends across more than 210 countries and territories, and 500 networks, keeping your devices connected no matter where they go.

Proprietary Connectivity Management Platform

From logistics to rate plans to troubleshooting: Nomad gives you a single pane view into your entire IoT deployment, putting you in charge.

Dedicated IoT Team

We are a dedicated IoT team - from product management to customer services - our one goal is to deliver the best value to you and your customers.

More than Connectivity

We deliver IoT security, analytics, best-in-class support services, and subscription management services. Most importantly, we love IoT.

Connect Your Devices

JT IoT has an active roadmap to develop its connectivity and platform solutions. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our customers and partners on this roadmap to grow your IoT businesses. Get in touch one of our IoT experts to explore how JT IoT can help your business.