Power Efficiency with Connected Systems

JT IoT enables utility companies, manufacturers, and logistics facilities to connect fixed systems and infrastructure to improve automation and monitoring.

Our local, multi-carrier agreements provide the strongest connections and leverage telco assets to enhance data security.



Improve Fixed Systems' KPIs
with Local Connectivity

Increase Reliability

JT IoT’s global roaming agreements connect to more than 500 available networks, including local connectivity options so factories and grids can leverage the strongest signal in the area.

Reduce Costly Overhead

Connect devices and empower data to reduce the number of site visits, maintenance inefficiencies, and total cost of ownership.

Streamline Connectivity Management

Manage IoT connectivity from our Nomad platform and use remote connectivity configuration to handle off-site devices.

Improve Security with Built-In Tools

JT IoT’s connectivity features VPN IPSEC with or without redundancy, APN, and other security options.

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Keeping Customers Connected through Smart Meters


Meterix provides submetering applications of Smart Meters that process electrical payments for customers across Europe.


Without reliable connectivity for Meterix applications, customers could be disconnected from their electricity, causing major problems. And, unfortunately, “aggregators just weren’t delivering the technical service they claimed,” said Daniel Homer, Director at Meterix.


JT IoT worked with Meterix to ensure they had the connectivity and technical support to deliver their essential service to customers. JT IoT’s open roaming improved connectivity and reliability, while the JT IoT team developed APIs through the Nomad platform to improve integration and automation with Meterix’s IT systems and business processes.

“Now our support operation runs in “proactive” mode, we can predict when consumers are due to top-up and ensure that we have established connectivity to deliver the tokens. Our support operators can instruct our meters to roam on certain networks that we know perform better in certain areas and weather conditions.

We’ve taken this a step further, integrating MeterPay with JT through Nomad’s API functions…. to automate support operations when we have to respond to localised network failures, as well as our management, monitoring and reporting.”

– Daniel Homer, Director at Meterix Limited

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