Flexible IoT Connectivity

Every IoT journey is different. JT helps you design, deploy and operate custom IoT solutions that improve or transform your business.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your IoT journey, we provide flexible IoT solutions for your needs.



Leverage Global Connectivity to Become an Industry Leader

The Internet of Things is expanding into nearly every industry, improving operations, reducing costs,
and transforming entire industries. Whatever your line of work, we can help your business capture the
full potential of IoT. See how JT creates opportunity in your industry.


Connect fleets and assets regardless of location. JT helps transportation and logistics companies lower TCO by using IoT connectivity to increase efficiency.

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Improve efficiency and patient experience with connected healthcare. JT’s medical-grade service and worldwide network maximize resources with secure, reliable device and data connections.

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Fixed Systems & Infrastructure

Reduce maintenance, site visits, and consumption with better system monitoring. JT connects systems, infrastructure, and fixed assets to high strength networks through global and local multi-carrier agreements.

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