Any network. Any time. No hassle

Take the unnecessary logistics out of SIM transfers. With JT eSIM Insure, you can swap to a new mobile network operator in minutes — there’s no physical SIM change needed, and all your data is migrated over-the-air, in a cost-effective way.

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JT eSIM Insure

Our solution is based on the latest global GSMA standard SGP.02 V3.2, and is fully SAS-SM accredited.

Enjoy no lock-in effects

JT customers can switch to a new MNO without losing their existing SIM cards, no questions asked.

Guaranteed low-cost network transfers

Are your MNO transfers costing you more than they need to? Instead, keep your SIM cards, transfer connectivity over-the-air, and let JT — an experienced global mobile operator — manage your network transfer.

Provision your eSIMs remotely

Use the eSIM service to migrate to a new MNO without ever having to physically interact with your SIM cards.

Dedicated support from the experts

With JT, your network transition is overseen by a team of industry experts. No matter the size or scale of the IoT system, our experienced team can handle it with ease, only closing down the transfer order when you’re up and running with your new MNO.

Switch network, on any number of devices, whenever you need

eSIM Insure is a service that allows JT customers to switch from JT’s network to a new mobile operator as painlessly as possible. You can transfer networks whenever you choose, with support from the service and our expert team.

Most importantly, eSIM Insure allows you to switch providers without having to physically swap out your SIM cards. You can keep all of your existing SIMs, saving you time and money in your network migration.

eSIM Insure is especially valuable for IoT projects that use SIM cards to keep hundreds, or even thousands, of devices connected. With other providers, the burden of switching that many devices to a new operator is so immense that many businesses feel often trapped with their current network. eSIM Insure removes this hardship completely, so that your IoT project can remain as flexible as you need.

A full service MNO transfer you can trust:

  • All eSIM form factors and robustness classes included
  • Manage all of your SIMs through the Connectivity Hub platform
  • GSMA SGP 0.2 V3.2 specification makes the service completely interoperable
  • Service providers can support your eSIM transfer without needing to update their core systems
  • Works with all integration models
  • All devices are tested for core functionality before and after a network transfer

Overcome eSIM barriers with JT eSIM solutions.

JT’s vision is to simplify the complex world of connectivity and make sure that you get maximum benefits from your IoT deployment. Learn what exactly is an eSIM, what are the implementation barriers and how it can change our understanding of IoT. Watch this on-demand webinar with JT, hosted in partnership with IoT Now and featuring JT’s Senior IoT Product Manager David Lindblad.

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Future-proof your connectivity with eSIM and JT eSIM Insure white paper

The introduction of the eSIM into the connectivity marketplace is quickly changing the way IoT networks handle their connectivity. Essentially, eSIMs transfer the power from the Network Operator to enterprises and customers, but they also offer a variety of other benefits for the customer.

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Why JT?

Global connections

JT is the oldest and largest telecom provider in the Channel Islands, with over 130+ years of experience. What’s more, JT has over 600+ partnerships with other mobile operators, that’s why we can promise hassle-free MNO transfer, from JT to any other MNO.

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JT is at the forefront of emerging telecom tech, including the Internet of Things, global coverage, and mobile security. eSIM Insure is supported by groundbreaking technology and industry pioneers, giving you access to the very best services available. Every one of our services is held to the highest standards, providing you with total confidence and security.

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