eSIM Connectivity Hub

Connect and control your devices’ network subscription through a single platform. Provision operator profiles over the air and swap them as needed. Monitor your connectivity status, add and remove operators as your business demands.


Control your eSIMs wherever they are in the world

Use JT IoT’s eSIM Connectivity Hub to monitor and manage your global eSIM estate. Perform individual SIM-level operations or bulk tasks. Control your data limits and connectivity expenses. Use actionable insights to improve your product, logistics, deployment and scalability.

✔ One Platform

✔ One SIM

✔ One Invoice

✔ Global Access

JT eSIM Connectivity Hub | Global eSIM platform

eSIM Connectivity Hub Features and Functions

Work with a scalable solution for global eSIM deployment. Maximise your ROI with a single SKU that hosts multiple MNO profiles and a Hub for managing them.

Automated eSIM management

Over-the-air provisioning or suspension of device connectivity. Access to production and fall-back profiles. Individual and bulk operations.


Multiple carriers on a single SIM. Leverage new eSIM profiles as they become available in our portfolio. Future-proofing for 2G and 3G sunsets. Pre-onboarding device verification with a dedicated technical team.

Certified and compatible

The eSIM Connectivity Hub is compatible with all other connectivity management platforms on the market. All eSIM profiles are GSMA SGP.02.v3.2 certified and up to international regulations.

A complete solution

The eSIM Connectivity Hub works within the JT eSIM Connect portfolio. With the Hub you get access to the JT profile with 500+ networks, as well as our proprietary connectivity management platform. With the Hub you can control both your SIM and eSIM solutions and scale as needed.

Platform Features

  • Over-the-air eSIM profile provisioning
  • SIM estate management
  • Fallback JT IoT non-steered connectivity with 500+ networks
  • Monetisation, consolidated invoice and billing cycle control
  • Automated workflows, watchdogs and dashboards
  • Dedicated 24/7 support team

A quick guide to IoT Connectivity Management Platforms

Our team has prepared a quick guide to the basics of IoT connectivity management platforms. Download your copy today to learn more about:

  • What is an IoT connectivity management platform
  • What are the benefits of using such a platform
  • The functions and functionalities of a good connectivity management platform
  • How does JT IoT’s Nomad IoT Connectivity Management Platform work

Download your free copy.

Create enterprise value with IoT connectivity platforms

IoT Connectivity Platform vs Connectivity Management Platform – are they the same thing? How do we select a good platform for our business and what value does it bring? We invited 1oT to talk about platforms from both B2B and B2C perspective and help you understand what makes a platform valuable for creating enterprise value.

Watch our webinar today to learn the basics!


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