For your business to optimize IoT applications, and align them with company strategy, it is important to understand the technology and the potential of IoT technology. To that end, JT Group has created webinars to provide a classroom-type experience with the convenience of an on-demand, mobile experience. Check out JT Group’s webinars for a convenient, concentrated review of a specific topic.

Mastering IoT Connectivity with JT: Private LTE

Alistair Elliott - Pod Group's CTO Networks - joined our September IoT webinar to talk about private LTE application and benefits. Watch the video to learn how pLTE can be applied in four different industry use cases.

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Mastering IoT Connectivity with JT:eSIM

In July's IoT webinar session we are joined by IDEMIA's Head of Product Management – IoT M2M eUICC Tomasz Wozniak to answer all your question on eSIM. Learn from the experts everything you need to know about what eSIM is, what challenges it solves and how to deploy it.

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The State of eSIM in 2020

Märt Kroodo and Andrew Worth from 1oT, joined our Senior IoT Product Manager, David Lindblad in May 2020 to answer your questions around 'The State of eSIM in 2020'

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How to create a smarter world with eSIM

Learn what exactly is an eSIM, what are the implementation barriers and how it can change our understanding of IoT.

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How to achieve agile, global connectivity for your IoT services

Learn how JT's agile approach to IoT connectivity and device management can enable you to launch and grow IoT services anywhere in the world. Watch this on-demand webinar with JT, hosted in partnership with IoT Now and featuring speakers from JT, Beecham Research, and IoT Now & VanillaPlus.

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