Do you have the guaranteed uptime eBook cover.

Do you have the guaranteed uptime that your IoT services need?

Consistent, predictable reliability is essential for the delivery of a successful, global IoT service and to secure these insights.

is your data safe?

Are your IoT services secure?

IoT solutions enable the collection of rich new sources of data from remote devices, deliver new and granular tracking capabilities, and enable advanced remote control across mobile networks. Security is essential for successful IoT services.

Do you have the global coverage you need eBook cover.

Do you have the global coverage you need?

IoT connectivity is driving new opportunities for your business, enabling you to offer new remote capabilities, collect valuable field data and provide essential reporting.

Partners shaking hands.

Velos IoT Reseller/Channel Partner’s Handbook

IoT has freed retailers to conduct business from fixed locations. Get a free copy of Phoenix Managed Networks Point of Sale case study to learn how Velos IoT’s point of sale solutions can improve your business efficiency.

OEM Enablement eBOOK.

eBook: Disruptive OEM Enablement

The smart connected products will enable OEMs to capture opportunities from differentiated offerings, improved customer experience, optimised business processes and generate new revenue streams.