JT IoT Unifly Case study.


To provide secure drone solutions, Unifly needs reliable global connectivity that complies with the strict safety regulations of autonomous aviation. Read how Unifly succeeded with the Velos IoT solution.

AET Int Ltd Case Study

AET Int Ltd

The growing demand for road freight has called for better vehicle security, monitoring and tracking. AET Int Ltd’s four-component fleet and cargo security system answers this demand by providing a robust IoT security system with the help of Velos IoT. Read the case study to find out how.

NanoLink Aps Case Study


Precise real-time equipment mapping can save construction and manufacturing companies millions in time spent looking for lost assets. Download the case study to learn how NanoLink deliver their successful tracking solution with the help of Velos IoT.

1oT case study.

Velos and 1oT – Connect Africa with easy IoT Deployment

IoT are making a difference in Africa by providing fleet management, tracking vehicles carrying critical resources in the region. Read how they deployed across 10 different African countries by utilising Velos IoT’s eSIM solution.

Classic Tracker Case Study

Classic Tracker

This round-the-clock monitoring provides classic car owners with peace of mind and, more importantly, a recovery plan should their vehicles ever become a target for theft. To see why Velos IoT’s technology suite makes the perfect long-term partner for the Classic Tracker’s business needs, download our case study.

Compass Asset Protection Case Study.

Compass Asset Protection Vehicle Tracking

IoT is transforming vehicle tracking into an IoT enabled business. Get a free copy of Compass Asset Protection case study to learn how Velos IoT can transform your vehicle tracking business.

Meterix Smart Meter Case Study.

Meterix Smart Metering

Velos IoT provides smart metering solutions for utility companies to reduce operational cost and to improve customer satisfaction.

POS transaction.

Phoenix Managed Networks Point of Sale

IoT has freed retailers to conduct business from fixed locations. Get a free copy of Phoenix Managed Networks Point of Sale case study to learn how Velos IoT’s point of sale solutions can improve your business efficiency.

m-Health Case Study.

m-Health Solutions

Velos IoT empowers patients to have increasing healthcare access anytime and anywhere. Get a free copy of m-Health solutions case study to learn how we contribute to connected health. And how we help companies in the healthcare industry to improve their tracking and monitoring efficiencies.

Exel Technology Case Study.

Exel Technology

With IoT, the taxi industry can innovate too. Get a free copy of Exel Technology’s case study to learn how Velos IoT can transform your taxi fleet management for Smart Cities.

Velos IoT Case Study Dash Camera

Compass Vehicle Tracking Dash Camera

It is always challenging for dash camera solution providers to find the ideal IoT partner to work with. The IoT Partner who can not only ensure the desired network coverage with strong signal for effective fleet management, but also provide the platform for managed connectivity. And moreover, help minimise the cost.

FieldWise Centre Pivot Case Study.

FieldWise Centre Pivot Monitoring

The agriculture industry is using IoT-based devices to continuously revolutionise farming, not only enhancing productivity but also reducing wastage and operational cost. Get a free copy of FieldWise Case Study to learn how Velos IoT helps in transforming farming in the USA.