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Case Studies

JT grows with our customers together. Therefore, long-term stable customer relationship means a lot to JT’s success. Read case studies from our customers across a variety of sectors to understand what makes JT different, and how JT can contribute to your IoT business success.

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White Papers

At JT Group, we know that not everyone is a technologist. But to get the most from JT Group solutions, it is important to understand the technology behind our solutions – and how they can be used to help improve your organization’s strategy and outcomes. For more information on JT’s IoT solutions, and how they can be applied to improve results in businesses of all types, read our white papers.

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Companies that are considering implementing or upgrading IoT applications have a lot of concerns – from managing data security and system resilience, to ensuring that customers (local and global) will benefit from IoT solutions. For an in-depth review of JT Global’s IoT solutions, coverage, and features, download an eBook.

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If a white paper or eBook is too in-depth or time-consuming for your needs, check out our infographics. JT Group has created some easy-to-read, easy-to-digest infographics, providing a quick overview of IoT topics including ‘5 Steps to Launch Your IoT-Enabled Business’.

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For your business to optimize IoT applications, and align them with company strategy, it is important to understand the technology and the potential of IoT technology. To that end, JT Group has created webinars to provide a classroom-type experience with the convenience of an on-demand, mobile experience. Check out JT Group’s webinars for a convenient, concentrated review of a specific topic.

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